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CMS Platforms: A Deep Dive into Core Web Vitals Performance

HTTPArchive’s recent analysis unveiled the leading CMS platforms based on Core Web Vitals metrics. This piece explores the performance of six prominent CMS tools, shedding light on the significant advancements of the frontrunner.

Two pivotal datasets were the backbone of HTTPArchive’s assessment:

  1. CRuX Data: Originating from genuine website interactions by users who’ve given the green light for anonymous Core Web Vitals data collection.
  2. Lab Data: Generated through an extensive web crawler, this data mirrors mobile device interactions, laying the groundwork for the ranking determinants.

Top CMS Standouts in Core Web Vitals

  1. Duda: Emerging as the clear frontrunner, Duda offers a streamlined website creation tool for businesses. Prioritizing tech innovation, Duda ensures clients remain focused on their primary operations. Recent insights indicate that an impressive 77.3% of Duda-powered sites excel in Core Web Vitals metrics, marking a notable uptick from earlier figures.
  2. Drupal: Ascending to the runner-up position, the open-source CMS, Drupal, has outperformed its peers with a score of 58.2% in Core Web Vitals.
  3. Wix: A household name, Wix has experienced a minor setback, with its Core Web Vitals score settling at 54.0%, pushing it to the third slot.
  4. Squarespace: Making strides, Squarespace now claims 42.84% of its platforms passing the Core Web Vitals benchmark.
  5. WordPress: Holding its ground in the fifth slot, WordPress has witnessed a surge in performance, with 37.4% of its platforms meeting the Core Web Vitals standards, a testament to the relentless efforts of its dedicated team.
  6. Joomla: Marking its presence, Joomla is hot on WordPress’s heels, boasting a score of 35% in Core Web Vitals.

While Duda remains the undisputed champion in the CMS arena concerning Core Web Vitals, platforms like WordPress are closing in fast. For entities that have web performance on their radar, the CMS landscape offers a plethora of viable alternatives beyond the ubiquitous WordPress.

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