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What is Technical SEO & What are its Importance?

Technical SEO helps in processing the website to make sure that the created website is compatible with Search Engines guidlines, so the website can be clawled easily and get indexed without any problems. In Technical SEO audit we access the website current SEO compatibility and determine on which aspects it needs to be improve for seamless exerience.

From past few years the demand of search engines has changed and becomes more sophisticated. According to the statics there are over 4.5 billion smartphone users across the globe. Having a such large smartphone audiences prompt the search engines to launch their new algorith update specially Google, and places more importance related to site speed, user experience, mobile view AMP in providing ranking on web search result.

Having websites with poor quality and structure, having slow load time pages, and unnatural redirection can penalize your website by Google. So without having proper intervention, these kinds of technical SEO could result in penalizing and throwing deep steep drop in search rankings and organic traffic. Remember bad websites makes bad reputation on google and could detrimental for your business.

The Technical on page SEO includes various components, such as (AMP) Accelerated Mobile Pages, (robots.txt file) robots exclusion standard, website loading speed, XML sitemap status, redirections, and content quality. These are some of the crucial and important things to fullfill your website’s online performance.

Don’t wait until the technical SEO makes a serious cause with SEO ramifications to your website. Let us help you in technical SEO for your, WordPress website, eCommerce stores, HTML websites, and other content management systems (CMS), save your time and money. Schedule a call with our consultants to learn more about technical SEO services.

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